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Digital Marketing with Bruce Lamb

January 24, 2020

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Bruce Lamb graduated from Ivey Business School in 1985, optimized his first website in 1995, and his company has been providing digital marketing services to small and medium-sized firms since 2002. He's old, but he knows his stuff.

Learn the marketing advantages and disadvantages of the most popular on-line digital marketing platforms, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, SnapChat and TikTok.

Get practical advice how you can make some simple changes to your website to make it 'search engine friendly' and address your local market area with Google My Business map placement.

Find out how you can use information provided by Google and Facebook to get real data that you can use to determine the potential success (or not) of your new venture based on how many people are searching for what you're selling in a certain market, or how many people make up the target demographic globally, regionally and locally.

Discover the amazing opportunities for very inexpensive brand development using Google's Remarketing and Facebook's Retargeting options.


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