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Western Angels' Demo Day

Are you a startup founder or do you have a great MVP you want to go global with? The Western Angels' Demo Day, and its prequel, Amplify, are a celebration of entrepreneurship that brings together young start-ups, experienced entrepreneurs, and our community of investors to take startups to the next level.

Western Angels' Demo Day Logo

We are excited to introduce you to the six ventures presenting at the Western Angels' Demo Day on April 30, 2021. Each team will showcase their ventures in a 10-minute pitch, consisting of a 5-minute presentation, and 5-minutes of due diligence questions from investors.

Pitch Decks are also be available to registered participants. If you would like to access a specific deck, please contact Kindly note that sharing the pitch deck is at sole discretion of the representing venture.

The below synopsis gives you at a sneak peek on what to expect.

Brust Logo


brüst developed Canada's first protein coffee, which contains 20g of New Zealand grass-fed protein, a full cup of cold brew coffee, and a delicious light and smooth taste.

Chipeet Logo


CHiPEET's mission is to bring accessible, ethnically inspired snacks to retail and e-commerce, targeting both the international and non-ethnic demographics living in Canada with its variety of plantain chip flavours.

Dreamwriters Logo


Dreamwriters is a self-publishing platform for young creative writers and artists. Our mission is to spark creativity, improve literacy, and critical thinking in kids of all ages and share their stories with the world.



EmpowerMe’s purpose is to make debt collection cheaper, faster, and safer by digitizing the human-centred debt collections process by offering a platform that provides debt counselling, negotiation and settlement.



STAN is the first A.I. email assistant for residential property managers. It reduces a property manager's email volume by 34% in under 3 weeks. STAN is trusted by 181,000 homes across North America.

Zenergy Logo


Zenergy is a caffeinated energy gum that is a more efficient, convenient, affordable and healthier option than most energy foods and beverages, with the hope of being Gen Z's version of the “Five Hour Energy Shot."