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Extras: Shane Skillen's advice on partnering in life and business

May 16, 2024

CEO of Hotspex, Shane Skillen, HBA '00, talks about the importance of partnering up well in business and in life.


CEO of Hotspex, Shane Skillen, HBA '00, talks about the importance of partnering up well in business and in life.

To view Brene Brown's list of values from "Dare to Lead," visit:

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Shane Skillen: So one more thing I will tell you, in all my travels, is that your ability to partner well and decide who you're going to marry, who you're going to settle down with, and particularly who you have kids with, if you screw up who you're going to have kids with, and you're an entrepreneur, it is a massive distraction and speed bump in your life. The playbook to not screw that up in all of my travels and after investing tens of $1,000 in marriage counseling, in my very happy marriage By the way, a lot of people that have very happy marriages, we still all see marriage counselors. Because you think about, you know, you maintain your house, you maintain your car, you maintain your health by working out and eating well. Like, one of the most important things you're going to have is that partnership or that marriage you're going to have. And if you don't invest in that, you will rue the day, you will regret it. So pay attention to it. So I've focused on these things called core values. Brene Brown published this amazing list, it's in Dare to Lead. And all you do with this list is you sit down with that special someone, typically within the 1st 3 months of you getting together with them, and you figure out what your 10 core values are. And how that works is you start with this list, you circle 25 things, and you cross them out until you get to 10. And then those are your 10 core values. Then you compare them to each other and if you got good overlap in those values, your probability of the union you're going to have with that person working out for a long time, is dramatically improved. So I strongly encourage you to do that.