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  • Sep 1, 2021

About MyDigitalWaiter:

MyDigitalWaiter provides a cloud-based-SaaS solution that helps restaurants to increase table turnover and reduce labor costs. Our platform allows customers to order for takeout and dine-in directly through their smartphones via web browsers, no application installation required. MyDigitalWaiter have a product at the ready to deploy across the country, and integration and implementation can be done quickly to reduce risk of exposure and contact across the country immediately. Contactless dining is a standard in most major restaurants in large cities in China but has lagged in adoption within North America and Europe. The COVID crisis and the demand to re-imagine the new normal within the restaurant industry will provide tailwinds to contactless dining becoming the norm. Not only does it provide customers and staffs a peace of mind, but it also increasing table turnover and reduces labor costs for restaurants that are often stretched thin and already operating on razor-thin margins.



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  • Computer Software 
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Fall 2021 Cohort