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Beyond the start

Entrepreneurship at Western University received a major boost today, thanks to a generous $5.5-million gift from the Pierre L. Morrissette Family Foundation.

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For Students

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Developing Lifelong Entrepreneurs

We strive to equip our students with an entrepreneurial mindset that prepares them for enterprising careers. Whether you are an ambitious student with an active business, or eager to learn and test the waters, our resources will support your unique entrepreneurial journey.

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For Alumni

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Committed to Continuous Support

Western's alumni community plays an integral role in growing our entrepreneurial ecosystem. We're committed to providing alumni founders with support at any stage of their entrepreneurial journey. Whether established or just starting out, there's something here for everyone.

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Our Top Services

From online lectures, and in-depth webinars, to hands-on experiences, and words of wisdom, our services will help you develop the tangible and intangible skills required to be an entrepreneur.


Featured September Event 🎉

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Join our free three-day conference from September 28-30 and learn how to jumpstart your entrepreneurial career!

Why join our conference? 

✅Fuel your entrepreneurial drive.

✅Develop your entrepreneurial knowledge.

✅Connect with like-minded students.

✅Discover tools and exercises that can help you build a strong business foundation.

For Scholars

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Encouraging Research Excellence

At Morrissette Entrepreneurship, we have a rich history of championing research in entrepreneurship. Together with our partners across the university, we are creating new avenues to support our graduate students, faculty members and scholars, to utilize their unique expertise in areas of entrepreneurship, commercialization and innovation.

Learn how we champion research

Investor Network

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Western Alumni Angels Network

We're harnessing the power and influence of the Western and Ivey alumni network to shape the angel investing ecosystem in Canada. Our network acts as a community builder, amplifying opportunities for Western alumni to learn about and engage with an angel network, and propel investment in the Canadian economy.

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