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Western Angels' Demo Day

Five start-ups and scale-ups will showcase their ventures and investment asks at Western Angels' Demo Day. Register to attend our event in Toronto on November 29.

Apply to Western Angels' Demo Day by October 16

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Kabo Founder Vino Jeyapalan

Investment Recap: December 2020

Western Angels’ Demo Day



Are you a Western founder looking for investors or partners to take your business to the next stage?  Then apply to take part in our next Western Angels' Demo Day! 


This investor event is a celebration of entrepreneurship that aims to bring together budding start-ups, experienced entrepreneurs, and our community of investors. Since the launch of our investor event, we have helped several Western entrepreneurs secure a combined total of over $6.3 million + in private investment. Don't miss out on your opportunity to practice your pitch, win some funding, and get connected to our investment community.

Angel Investment Opportunity: 

During this event, startups can curate their investment asks based on their needs. Asks ranged from $50K to $3M. Teams have also pitched 'in-kind' asks, such as industry connections or mentorship. 

Western Angels' Demo Day on May 30, 2023, included investors from:


Two Ivey alumni students working on laptios

Round 1:
Written Applications Due

[Deadline]  October 16, 2023

Ventures interested in participating in this exclusive opportunity must first apply and be vetted by our internal selection committee. The top ten applicants will move forward to 'Round 2'. 

Be prepared. The following is a list of questions and material that you will need to submit for your written application:

  • Total Equity Funding / Debt Funding / Grants Received
  • Cumulative Funding, Investment and Revenue Generated to Date
  • Number of Customers Served
  • Average Price of your Product
  • Executive Summary
  • 2-Minute Investor Pitch Video and Marketing Pitch Video
  • 10 Slide Investor Pitch Deck
  • Team Picture
  • Logo
empty Ivey Board Room

Round 2:
Western Angels’ Demo Day (Semi-Final)

[Date] Mid-November, 2023

Our second qualifying step for Western Angels' Demo Day is to pitch in front of our internal selection committee. Each team will be allotted a 10-minute pitch, comprised of a 5-minute presentation followed by 5 minutes of questions from our internal selection committee. This round will be held privately and hybrid. Founders can choose to pitch virtually or in person at Western University.

The top five teams that showcase the most investment promise will receive $2,500 and the opportunity to pitch to our community of investors at Western Angels' Demo Day on November 29, 2023.

Ivey alumni presenting with podium

Round 3:
Western Angel's Demo Day (Final) 

[Date]  November 29, 2023

Our next (and final) round will focus on real-world investments. Western Angels' Demo Day is scheduled for November 29, 2023. This event aims to help founders looking for their 'Pre-Seed' or 'Series A' investment round. 

The six selected teams will be invited to participate in person at Western Angels' Demo Day on November 29, 2023. The event will take place in person at the Design Exchange Toronto - 234 Bay St., Toronto, ON M5K 1B2.

Each team will be granted a 5-minute pitch to showcase their businesses to investors, followed by 5 minutes of questions from the audience. Following pitches, we have networking and will open private breakout rooms to encourage further conversations and demonstrations.   

With a large group of accredited investors, this is your chance to make a home run. Asks typically range between $50,000 - $3 Million+

Important Dates


October 16

Round 1

Western Angels’ Demo Day (Written Application)


Round 2

Western Angels’ Demo Day (Semi-Final)

(Private, Hybrid Event)

November 29

Round 3

Western Angels’ Demo Day (Final)

(Public, In-Person Event) 

Frequently Asked Questions 



Entrepreneurs, submit an application today. 
Don't miss out on this investment opportunity. 


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