Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship
  • Apr 6, 2021

Zenergy, 0-calorie caffeine gum launches online and disrupts the energy market with over 40,000 sample requests in the first 48hrs. Zenergy is a mint chewing gum infused with caffeine and B-vitamins to provide consumers with a healthier energy boost to their routine. It’s virtually crash-free, kills bad breath, tastes great and costs up to five times less than competitive energy products.

Better yet, Zenergy is sugar-free, aspartame-free, gluten-friendly, vegan-friendly, allergen-friendly, non-dairy, non-soy, and nut-free. Its absence of sugar allows it to go a step beyond by eliminating the ’crash’ users’ experience, making it the ultimate crash-free caffeine gum on the market. Additionally, with a unique blend of B vitamins, the gum helps turn food into energy, allowing you to get an energetic boost without the inconvenience of a sugar-crash.

Imagine getting caffeine instantly! The ‘rapid release’ mechanism in Zenergy gives energy faster than other functional food and beverages digested through the gastrointestinal tract. The caffeine in Zenergy is absorbed through the capillaries in your mouth, allowing it to take effect in just five to ten minutes. This rapid uptake rate means that it is about nine times more efficient than coffee, energy drinks, energy pills and other forms of energy consumption which can take up to 45 minutes to kick in.

According to a local emergency care worker, Zenergy is the “…quickest and most convenient chewable energy I have ever come across. I use it most working a long night on the job.” Each pack of Zenergy contains around the same amount of caffeine as four cups of coffee, yet is small enough to fit in your back pocket. In contrast, cups and cans keep your hands busy and spill easily. Zenergy eliminates those inconveniences so that the only thing you have to focus on is the task at hand.

Zenergy is a finalist at Western Angels' Demo Day on April 30, 2021.