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Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship

JustMYX - A guilt-free drinking companion

Nov 10, 2022

Just Myx Drink (2)

JustMYX founded by Western student Richard Wang is pioneering a new drinking experience. JustMYX provides portable, pocket-sized cocktail mixes in three popular flavours (Lime Mojito, Sex on the Beach, and Pina Colada – more flavours to come!).

Their target market of younger adults clearly demonstrates they want to enjoy alcoholic beverages with great taste, no calories and zero sugar. Big brands are slowly responding to this trend but their offerings are expensive, hard to carry and simply don’t taste great.

JustMYX’s solution fits the market just right! The product is small and concentrated at 30 servings per bottle, easy to prepare and easy to carry. JustMYX has zero sugar and calories- making it the perfect guilt-free drinking companion.

Local bar owners agree that the product is a great way to simplify the preparation of complex cocktails in one easy step. This makes it a very cost-effective way to deliver “bar-worthy” drinks with a quick turnaround time.

Investment Ask: $50,000