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Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship

Tenomix Inc.

Jan 18, 2022

About : 

At Tenomix, our mission is to develop novel technologies that target inefficiencies in the pathology workflow, optimize cancer care and reduce healthcare costs. We are a dedicated team of 4 entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds in either pathology, medicine, or engineering. We are currently working on a novel bench-top robotic scanning device, which autonomously searches for lymph nodes in surgically removed colon cancer tissues and marks their locations for efficient extraction by pathology staff. This bench-top device replaces the existing tedious and unreliable manual lymph node finding process and greatly improves the speed and reliability of the cancer staging process. This enables clinicians to make better-informed treatment decisions, resulting in fewer patient complications and fatalities and ensures hospitals continuously meet their quality metrics. Furthermore, given the ongoing pressures and increasing workloads faced by pathology laboratories, our goal is to equip pathology staff with the right tools that can help shorten sample preparation time, accelerate sample throughput and achieve productivity gains, while contributing to the current standard of care with the use of fewer resources.



Industry Tag(s):

  • Medical Device 
  • Technology 



Winter 2022 Cohort