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Certificate Program at Western

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship is open to all degree students and provides a suite of courses that enhances knowledge and provides the necessary tools for a foundation in entrepreneurship.

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Why a Certifcate in Entrepreneurship?

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship was created to provide students across Western the educational foundation to launch a career in entrepreneurship. 

Students enrolled in the certificate take a coordinated set of courses and experiences that will help them understand how to discover good ideas, and develop them into viable business opportunities. 

The certificate is a valuable experience for students who are:

  • committed to starting a new business at some point in the future
  • know that many of the best employers seek employees with entrepreneurial skills and abilities

Being part of the Certificate in Entrepreneurship

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Each spring, students are invited to apply for the Certificate in Entrepreneurship through our online application. To be eligible for admission, students must complete their first year with a minimum average of 65%.

To complete the Certificate in Entrepreneurship, each student must complete the following courses with an average grade of 70% with the following sections.

  • 1 Course, 1.0 Credit - Business Fundamentals Bus1220E, or Bus1299E, or Bus2257, or Bus2295F/G plus Eco2129A/B or Psych2061A/B
  • 1.0 Course, 0.5 Credit - Digital Creativity DH2120F/G, or Creativity Studio DH2127A/B, or Design Driven Innovation Bus4564, or ELI3000A/B
  • 1.0 Course, 0.5 Credit - New Venture Creation Bus4458A, or ELI3200A/B
  • 1.0 Course, 1.0 Credit - New Venture Project (capstone) Bus4569.

The New Venture Project is the capstone project for the certificate and will involve students working together with their peers and Entrepreneurs-in-Residence to develop their venture idea and present it to a panel of entrepreneurs and investors.

Mentorship through our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence

EIR Alumni Speaking To 4 Student Entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is not merely an exercise of gaining and applying knowledge. Many aspects of being an entrepreneur are learned through the experience of starting a business. This is why our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence are an integral part of the certificate and its capstone; the New Venture Project.

Each team in the New Venture Project will be paired with an Entrepreneur-in-Residence, an experienced entrepreneur who also has expertise in the industry or sector your start-up is operating in.

They will mentor each team and guide them through the questions they need to ask and answer in order to bring their start-up to life.