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Ivey Certificate Program

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship at the Ivey Business School provides students with a suite of courses that enhance knowledge and provide the necessary tools for a foundation in entrepreneurship.

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This program aims to engage students in the knowledge and practice of entrepreneurship and to create in them the ability to achieve their economic and personal dreams.


The Certificate in Entrepreneurship was created to provide students with a coordinated set of courses and experiences that will best position them to begin their entrepreneurial journeys. This certificate will appeal to three types of students:

  • Students who are committed to starting their own businesses as soon as feasible;
  • Students that know they want to start their own businesses at some time in the future after gaining insight on the marketplace through well-placed employment; and
  • Students who do not intend to start their own business, but know that many of the best employers are looking for employees with entrepreneurial skills and abilities.


Academic Requirements

The academic requirements for the Certificate in Entrepreneurship program include successful completion of HBA1 and the following second-year HBA courses:

  • 4569 Ivey Field Project – New Venture (Full Course)
  • 4558 New Venture Creation (Half Course)

Students are required to have a minimum of 1.0 credits from the following courses:

  • 4566 Managing High Growth Companies (Half Course)
  • 4441 Entrepreneurial Marketing (Half Course)
  • 4439 Entrepreneurial Finance (Half Course)
  • 4610 Leading Family Firms (Half Course)
  • 4553 Social Enterprise (Half Course)
  • 4664 The Art of Social Entrepreneurship (Half Course)
  • 4629A/B Sales Foundations (Half Course)
  • 4611 Startup, Hustle and Grit (Half Course)
  • 4564 Design Driven Innovation (Half Course)

Note: Not all elective courses will be offered each year. Please check the revised timetable available in August to determine which electives will be offered. 0.5 credits may be substituted with certain courses designated each year by the Director of the Certificate Program and the HBA Program Director.

Engagement Requirement

In addition to the course requirement, it is recommended that students:

  • Become an active member of the student-run Entrepreneurship Club
  • Attend a 3x5 Dinner



Students apply to the Certificate program in April of their first HBA year. The application forms for admission consist of essay questions, a copy of the student’s resume and a series of “fill in the blank” questions. For more information, please contact