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Connie Clerici, QS ’08

Connie Clerici is the founder of Closing the Gap Healthcare Group, and currently serves as Executive Chair of the Board.

She is a lifelong learner. She has attended many business programs at Ivey, Rotman, Schulich and McMaster. She also frequently participates in self-awareness programs that enhance her capacity to lead a learning organization. Connie attends courses and programs every year as she views learning as a privilege and an obligation of accountable leaders.

  • Ivey Business School QuantumShift Alumni
  • Bachelor of Health Science Nursing
  • Registered Nurse
  • Numerous management, leadership, administrative and value-based training courses

Over 30 years of experience in the health care field – currently specializing in executive leadership, governance, mergers and acquisitions and corporate administration. Has a vision of the benefits of a multidisciplinary focus for care, a cost-per-case focus, quality, and innovation.

Clerici actively influences change and seeks system innovations, while making a concerted effort to build and support a high-quality, publicly-funded healthcare system that is sustainable for Canadians. She values the opportunity to work with individuals who are self-aware while performing with integrity, honesty and ethically on a consistent basis. Connie actively participates on a number of boards and advisory councils. Connie shares her time volunteering with numerous charities, continuing her work representing the interests of those who are vulnerable members of our society.

Connie Clerici, QS ’08

Connie Clerici, QS’08

Founder & Executive Chair of the Board, Closing the Gap Healthcare Group