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Jenni Diamond Health: The Postnatal Academy

Jan 18, 2022

About: Jenni Diamond Health, The Postnatal Academy

Many new moms struggle with feeling weak, exhausted and overwhelmed in the early months and years of caring for a baby. Finding an exercise program that is safe, effective, and economical for new moms is a challenge. Moreover, it is even more challenging to find a program that suits their busy and inflexible schedule with a baby. The Postnatal Academy is a 12-week program designed for new moms who feel weak, exhausted, and overwhelmed so that they become strong, confident and energized. The program consists of strategically-designed follow-along workout videos that get progressively more challenging each week. These 25-minute videos can be done from the comfort of your own home, require the use of minimal equipment, and their short length is suitable to fit into a mom's busy schedule. The workouts can also be paused and played as needed to care for one's baby. Moreover, each mom has access to a virtual exercise coach to increase accountability and to support their needs throughout the program. By week 12 of The Postnatal Academy, each mom will feel strong again, more energized, and know they have returned to exercise safely, minimizing the risk of common postpartum injuries.




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