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Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship

Parasight Imaging Systems Inc.

Jan 23, 2024



ParaSight will provide both a low-cost pathology microscope and rapid diagnoses to users of the device through a cloud-based diagnosis-as-a-service system. The microscope, currently in the pre-production prototype phase, uses proprietary embedded image processing technology to enhance resolution, enabling an inexpensive optical system to capture images at the necessary 1-μm resolution to see malaria parasites, a feat previously impossible. The microscope will be available at a fixed price and users will have the option of paying a small fee per study to send images to the cloud for diagnosis. Initially, this will be accomplished by forwarding the study to pathologists in larger cities in Africa, providing them an additional revenue source. A machine learning-based tool that is in early stages of development will be trained using this data; it will enable markedly faster, often automatic diagnosis and further reduce costs for the end user.



Industry Tag(s):

  • Health & Wellness
  • Medical Device
  • Service


  • Robin Cunningham


Winter 2024 Cohort