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NumaCode Inc.

  • Sep 1, 2021

About NumaCode Inc.:

Mixilist is an online platform that allows anyone to create and share lists with others. Lists, which are a useful and familiar way to organize content, are combined with typical social capabilities to create an overall social experience for the end user. The current Mixilist platform allows users to create lists, subscribe to lists to receive updates, and follow other users to receive activity updates. The platform follows a freemium subscription model, allowing paying users to unlock premium features, while offering core functionality and features for free. The architecture behind the platform leverages the use of open-source technology stacks and scaleable cloud-based solutions to serve its users. A sprint-based agile methodology model and company philosophy is used to continuously develop and deploy incremental feature improvements to the platform based on user feedback. Mixilist is a product created by NumaCode, which was incorporated in 2020 and is headquartered in London, Ontario.



Industry Tag(s):

  • Computer Software 
  • Technology 



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