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Western Angels' Demo Day

Five start-ups and scale-ups will showcase their ventures and investment asks at Western Angels' Demo Day. Register to attend our event in Toronto on November 29.

Attend Western Angels' Demo Day on November 29 Meet the Finalists

Western Angels' Demo Day Logo

Western Angels' Demo Day will kick off with a panel discussion with experienced investors and entrepreneurs, followed by pitches by our five featured start-ups and scale-ups that will be seeking to raise between $100,000 to $2 million. Following the pitches, and Q&A session, we will host a start-up showcase and reception, with our featured ventures and seven other up-and-coming start-ups.


Investment Ask: $1-1.5 Million in Equity Financing

Appello is a cutting-edge SaaS platform designed to revolutionize field workforce operations. Primarily catering to the industrial, commercial, and institutional construction sectors, Appello offers flexibility and customization for contractors, health and safety consultants, and more.

16 9 Mae

Investment Ask: $1 million SAFE

Mae is the auto industry's first-ever unbiased, guided car shopping experience, built for women, by women. Why women? Because women purchase 62% of all cars and influence 85% of car purchasing decisions and yet 90% of women stated they wouldn't go to a dealership without a man.

200 Ecologicca BLK

Investment Asks: $750,000 SAFE

ecologicca is an IoT company that bridges the gap between your environment and your health. Our doctor-recommended hardware product changes the molecular composition of indoor air to reduce inflammation in the body, while our software system tracks your environment and your health.

200 Sharpstakes Squa

Investment Ask: $350,000 SAFE

Sharpstakes builds gamified tools for Gen Z sports bettors. Our two core products, Algo Picksm provide mathematically profitable bets, and Sharp AI analyzes bets and recommends personalized bets, helping sports bettors find the best bets in a gamified way.

200 Stepscience

Investment Ask: $1 million for 5%

Combining the science of sensorimotor stimuli and orthotics, Step Sciences is creating the world's premier orthotics. Our scientific approach to Human Mechanics unlocks your unique potential, and aids in the recovery and correction of imperfections in your steps.

Western Angels' Demo Day Start-up Showcase

Western Angels' Demo Day will also feature a Start-up Showcase with seven up-and-coming entrepreneurs and their start-ups.

200 Logo

Hada Tech is making intubation and airway management as safe and efficient as possible.

200 200 Moodswing

Moodswings Nails is a press-on nails business that provides trendy, affordable, high-quality press-on nails, that can be applied at home.

200 Omi Cookie

Omi & Cookie is a guilt-free luxury brand of soaps that highlight Caribbean fragrances and skin care secrets.

200 Vfactu Sqaure

Virtual Factories is a network of 3D printing micro-factories to re-shore manufacturing with custom localized production.

200 Resuit

ReSuit is an AI fit-based, peer-to-peer marketplace for the resale and rental of the contents of your closet.

200 Smartbiz Square

Smartbiz Analytics is a leading data analytics company specializing in collecting business data, applying analytical algorithms, and extracting valuable insights.

200 Zero Square

R Zero Labs converts recyclable plastics into protein-rich biomass that can be used as a bio-stimulant fertilizer to increase plant growth in arid-to-average environments.

Western Angels' Demo Day has included investors from: