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The 4 Week Challenge

January 31, 2023 - March 07, 2023

4Week Challenge

The 4 Week Challenge is an interactive, hands-on program that helps you gain experience developing an innovative idea. You do not have to have an idea coming into the program. Through the workshops, we will cover topics such as problem identification, brainstorming, and ideation so that by the end, you will have started the initial steps in identifying and developing your own idea!

The program will run from Feb 7 - Mar 7. Students can participate in teams of up to 3 people. Each week will include a workshop on Tuesdays from 12:30-2 in-person in Propel (WSSB2130) plus a weekly one-on-one mentor meeting. There will be deliverables that are expected to be completed each week. 

The expected time commitment is 5hrs per week, including the workshops and mentor sessions.

Each student that successfully completes all components of the program will receive $250 towards your venture!


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