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The Entrepreneur Experience Conference

A free 3-day conference to learn how to jumpstart your entrepreneurial career. Discover how to develop a great business idea and start your venture strong.

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Are You an Aspiring...

Entrepreneur? Innovator? Trendsetter? Inventor? ⚡️


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Why Attend Our Conference? 


Fuel your entrepreneurial drive,

✅ Connect with a community of like-minded students,

✅ Gain entrepreneurial knowledge that will last you a lifetime, and

✅ Discover fun exercises that can help you dream up a business, and learn about tools that can help you build a strong startup foundation. 


⚡️BONUS: Gain exclusive access to a few (secret) prize-packed events held in November!
These (secret) events are only open to conference attendees.

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The Sparknotes

Here's what you need to know...

Conference Runs: Sept. 28-30, from 12:30 - 1:30 p.m. (each day) 

Registration Closes: Sept. 26, at Noon. 

Format: In-person. 

Faculty: Open to all students at Western University & Affiliates. 

Cost: Free (you heard right - you can attend for FREE!) 


The Day-to-Day Conference Breakdown:

(here's what's on our schedule)


Isn’t it about time you started pursuing your entrepreneurial passion? Start that business!

(why should you take the entrepreneurial leap 🕺💃)

🤯 Take full control over your own destiny and career. You call the shots. You are your own boss. Make decisions that ultimately determine the success of your business.

🧠 Entrepreneurs are innovators. Consider all of the new technology that has emerged in recent years. Those were all once ideas, yet incredible entrepreneurs brought them to life.

🌎 Have an idea that has the potential to make a huge global impact? You have the opportunity to change lives. Go for it. Be the change you want to see in the world!

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