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Cyder - Making data collection a win-win

  • Nov 10, 2022
Cyder - Making data collection a win-win

William Christodoulou and Sukhman Dulay are the co-founders of Cyder - a data collection engine based on the simple principle that users should control their data and be paid for it. 

Personal data is a valuable asset, which is often already being harvested by companies that profit from it. The collection and selling of data is expected to become a two-hundred-billion-dollar industry as companies continue to dive deeper into understanding what factors drive their end users.

Companies that subscribe to Cyder are able to go beyond surface data collection and are able to match their customer list with Cyder members who have given permission for their data to be used. Companies can also use the advanced analytics provided by Cyder to gain deeper insights. The data does not leave the protected CYDER platform and members earn royalties when their data is monetized.

Investment Ask: $405,000